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masunt key depot with 4-digit lock - V4A

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  • KD540M
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The masunt key deposit box is designed for the safekeeping and storage of keys or other access...more
Product Information

The masunt key deposit box is designed for the safekeeping and storage of keys or other access media. The wall thickness of the case is 3mm, and it is available in V2A (AISI 304) or V4A (AISI 316) stainless steel.

The key deposit box has the following features:

  • High-grade lock with four-digit combination lock
  • Automatic code obscuring after every opening and closing. (The entered code is automatically set back to "000" upon opening. The combination does not need to be manually scrambled, as it would on a suitcase or bicycle lock. The programmed entrance code is not changed in this process and will remain set in the lock until you change it.)
  • Code identification and emergency access with service key
  • Code can be changed without auxiliary materials
  • Suitable for use in sheltered outdoor areas

A seal in the frame of the safe deposit box ensures that the door locks soundly.

The unit can be mounted via 2 oblong holes on the back side (mounting material for standard brickwork included).

The unit can be surface-mounted or flush-mounted.

74 (H) / 129 (W) / 87 (H) mm; weight ca. 1.2 kg

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Technical details
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Obudowy: pozostałe
kolor: srebrny
Producent: Masunt
materiał: V4A-stal nierdzewna
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