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ClearFlex60 tubing 15,9/9,5mm (3/8"ID) clear

ClearFlex60 tubing 15,9/9,5mm (3/8"ID) clear
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This is a highly flexible hose from the manufacturer Masterkleer, which has a very good bending...more
Product Information

This is a highly flexible hose from the manufacturer Masterkleer, which has a very good bending and laying behavior. We recommend the use of hose nozzles and hose clamps!

Technical Details

  • Material: PVC
  • Tubing colour: transparent, not UV-aktive
  • Dimensions
    15,9mm outer diameter
    9,5mm inner diameter

This Masterkleer tube is NOT compatible with the Alphacool Eiszapfen and the fittings from the HF Series.

In order to be able to integrate this hose firmly and securely into your system, you need these hose nozzles and these matching hose clamps.

Achtung: Please note
We try to ship the ordered amount in one piece. If this is not possible you will receive your order in a maximum of two pieces and we will pack an additional (approx.) 10cm as compensation. Resellers please order in packed units. Please inquire with the respective contact person.

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Technical details
kolor UV: nie reaguje na UV
zewnętrzne wymiary: 16mm (5/8")
kolor: przeźroczyste
max ciśnienie pracy: 4 Bar (przy 20°C)
temperatura pracy: -20°C bis 60°C
wymiar wewnętrzny: 10mm (3/8")
materiał: PVC
Producent: Masterkleer
długość: 1,00m
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