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Phobya 4Pin PWM auf 3Pin Transformer Single

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Technische Details
kształt: adaptery
oplot: czarny
Hersteller: Phobya
1. strona: 4Pin PWM
2. strona: 3Pin Molex 1x
Controlling 3-pin fans through a PWM signal was an unsolvable problem – until now. Phobya has... mehr

Controlling 3-pin fans through a PWM signal was an unsolvable problem – until now. Phobya has tackled this problem and now presents an elegant, simple solution with the 4-pin PWM to 3-pin converter.

With the 4-pin PWM to 3-pin transformer, all 3-pin fans can now be controlled with a normal PWM signal. The converter is connected to your motherboard or PWM fan control, while the fans are connected to the converter. Now your 3-pin fan can be controlled like any other PWM fan.

The converter detects the PWM signal and controls the 3-pin fan with the corresponding voltage. This makes controlling your fan simple. The converter is capable of outputting a voltage of 1A, which equals 12W. This means you can use a Y-splitter to control several fans simultaneously through the converter. 

Technical Details:

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 50 x 39 x 18mm
  • Plug: 1x 4Pin / 1x 3Pin
  • Power connection: 4Pin plug
  • Mounting: Double-sided tape for attaching at/in the case
  • 4Pin PWM to 4Pin PWM cable: black sleeved 50cm

Scope of Delivery:

  • Phobya 4Pin PWM to 3Pin Transformer Single
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Questions & Answers
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Frage von Marco T. vom 10. October 2016
Come funziona il cosiddetto transformatore? Ho appena ordinato questo coso, ma non sembra fare quello che il nome promette. Ho collegato una ventola Arctic Cooling F9 all'oggetto, e l'oggetto ad un connettore PWM della scheda madre. Ora, la ventola F9, se collegata ad un connettore 3pin della scheda madre, ha una velocità minima di circa 260rpm ed una massima di circa 1770rpm; collegata invece al connettore PWM per la CPU della scheda madre tramite questo adattatore/convertitore/trasformatore di Phobya, la F9 ha una velocità minima di circa 1550rpm, ed una velocità massima di circa 1680rpm. Devo pensare che sia guasto l'adattatore che mi avete mandato? Oppure funziona proprio così, cioè male? A proposito, come si fanno a dare valutazioni sull'oggetto sul sito di Aquatuning? Devo scrivere che questo coso non converte/trasforma proprio niente.
Antwort von Administrator vom 10. October 2016
Please use fans without PWM function, this fan is a pwm fan.
Antwort von Marco T. vom 11. November 2016
I'm sorry you don't understand italian at all, so that you misunderstood the claim. The F9 fan is without PWM function, and this transformer DOES NOT WORK with any 3 pin fan (voltage controlled). Tested three of these transformers, no one works.
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