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Alphacool NexXxos GPX - AMD RX Vega M06 - incl. Backplate - black

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Alphacool is making great strides with the new NexXxoS GPX cooler!  This new cooling...more
Product Information

Alphacool is making great strides with the new NexXxoS GPX cooler! This new cooling concept offers optimal performance and quality at a reasonable price!

The GPU is actively cooled through ingenious new injection technology. All the other chips are sufficiently cooled through the passive cooler in which the GPU water cooler is enclosed.
Cross Slot Structure
The cross slot technology in the base plate, patented in 2004 and used in the Alphacool NexXxoS XP, has been developed further. The fins and channel structure have been refined. The remaining panes are 0.5 x 0.5mm in size and 2.5mm tall. This enables a very large and fast rate of heat transfer from the copper to the coolant.
SLI Operation
Through the outside-facing inlet and outlet, this cooler can be used in SLI configurations with little difficulty. This way, up to four graphics cards can be connected with the Alphacool GPX SLI Connector.
Every cooler now includes a backplate which uses little passive cooling fins to cool the graphics card again, as well as giving the graphics card a finished appearance and protecting it at the same time.
Cooling fins
Passive cooling happens through perfectly balanced, barely 18mm deep cooling fins, which completely cover the remaining parts of the graphics card. Light air circulation in the case means this cooler is in no way inferior to conventional coolers.

Graphics card not included


  • ASUS ROG Strix Radeon RX Vega 64 OC Gaming, ROG-STRIX-RXVEGA64-O8G-GAMING, 8GB HBM2, DVI, 2x HDMI, 2x DP (90YV0B00-M0NM00)


Scope of Delivery

  • 1x Graphics card cooler
  • 1x Backplate
  • Thermal pads
  • Thermal paste
  • Assembly materials


Installation manual available for download here

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Technical details and videos ... moor
Technical details
Producent: Alphacool
materiał obudowy: Plastik
Materiał podstawy: Miedź
złączka: 2x G1/4
kompatybilne z SLI: Tak (ze specjalnym adapterem)
Model chłodnicy: Komplettkühler
Wskazówka: Kompatibel bis 16/13mm gerade, Kompatibel bis 19/13mm gewinkelt
Producent: AMD
Questions & Answers more
Questions & Answers
4 Pytania w innych językach
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Frage von Guest #329170 vom 12. December 2018
Gibt es einen neuen Termin für den Block? Ich möchte meine Vega 64 Strix gerne unter Wasser setzen und die Alphacool NexXxos GPX Kombination scheint mir die beste Lösung zu sein.
This question has not been answered yet.
Frage von Guest #341967 vom 01. January 2019
Hallo, auch ich hätte Interesse an dem Block und würde gerne meine Vega 64 Strix unter Wasser setzen. Jedoch ist der genannte Liefertermin erneut auf "Liefertermin überschritten" und wechselt zwischen diesem und in einigen Tagen verfügbar. Gibt es einen konkreten Liefertermin nun? Eine Antwort wäre sehr hilfreich.
This question has not been answered yet.
Frage von Benedikt H. vom 01. January 2019
Ich brauch auch dringend eine gibt's nen Termin?
This question has not been answered yet.
Frage von Cyril C. vom 02. February 2019
Hello, Does it require an external pump, reservoir and extension cables, or is the pump already included in the block ? I'm looking to make a kind of "custom" loop with this block and one of my radiator but i don't know if i need to purchase a pump in addition to this block. Thank you very much
This question has not been answered yet.
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