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be quiet! Pure Wings 2 120mm High Speed (120x120x25mm)

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The Pure Wings 2 120mm high-speed fan offers excellent be quiet! Cooling in the entry-level...more
Product Information

The Pure Wings 2 120mm high-speed fan offers excellent be quiet! Cooling in the entry-level class. The extremely high air pressure makes it the perfect choice for any system. Pure Wings 2 high-speed fans offer the highest level of reliability and excellent cooling with a nearly unbeatable price-performance ratio.

  • Nine air flow optimized fan blades to reduce noise-causing air turbulence
  • The durable rifle bearing provides an operating life of 80,000 hours
  • Even at maximum speed, the fan only reaches 35.9 dB (A)
  • Product concept, design and quality control in Germany
  • Three years manufacturer's warranty

Air flow optimized fan blades
For a perfect cooling.
The fan blade surfaces are optimized to increase airflow and air pressure while reducing noise-causing turbulence. The recipe for effective cooling of Pure Wings 2 fans. The Pure Wings 2 120mm high-speed fan is at maximum capacity only at 35.9dB (A).

Rifle bearing technology
The Pure Wings 2 120mm high-speed fan stands for a very reliable operation and promises a very long life of up to 80,000 hours.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 120mm
  • Revolutions at 100% PWM / 12V (rpm): 2000
  • Air flow @ 100% PWM / 12V (cfm / m3 / h): 65.51 / 111.3
  • Air pressure @ 100% PWM / 12V (mm H2O): 2.23
  • Volume at 100% PWM / 12V (dB (A)): 35.9
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Technical details
rozmiar: 120mm
prędkość znamionowa: 2000 U/min
głośność: 36 dB(A)
przepływ powietrza: 87 m³/h
pobór mocy: 10,0 W
Zakres objętość: 30 - 49,9 dB(A)
żywotność (przy 25 st C): 80.000 h
Producent: BeQuiet
napięcie startowe: 5V DC
Znamionowy zakres prędkości: 2000 - 9000 U/min
wymiary: 120 x 120 x 25mm
LED: nieistniejące
złącze zasilania: Tak
złącze zasilania: 3Pin Molex
Zakres przepływu powietrza: 50 - 99 m³/h
moc znamionowa: 12V DC
kolor ramki: czarny
kolor wirnika: czarny
ciśnienie: 1,251 mm H2O
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