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be quiet! CPU cooler Dark Rock Pro 3 ,Intel/AMD

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Dark Rock™ CPU coolers have long been the leader in their performance class, and now the series...more
Product Information

Dark Rock™ CPU coolers have long been the leader in their performance class, and now the series is outdoing itself with the newly improved Dark Rock Pro 3. This nearly inaudible Double-Tower CPU cooler equips your PC with the renowned SilentWings® technology in the places where it really counts. It is perfectly suited for overclocked systems and demanding multi-GPU platforms.

The Dark Rock Pro 3 captivates with a superior balance of performance and noise level together with optimum reliability. The improved cooling efficiency (250W TDP) and very quiet operation (only 26.1dB(A) at highest performance) prove that the Dark Rock Pro 3 has the perfect balance of cooling and quiet operation - simply uncompromising quiet cooling at the highest level.

Immensely high cooling efficiency

  • The improved wavelike contour of the cooling fins, with small points on the surface, increases the air circulation and leads to more efficient circulation, without increasing the overall noise level
  • Optimized Double-Tower layout is lighter and thereby enables higher cooling performance
  • Support from an additional 120mm fan for extraordinary cooling requirements (fan brackets included in delivery) 
  • Seven high-performance capable Heatpipes with copper coating and aluminium caps bring the heat to the optimal point of the cooling fins and drive the heat transmission level to its maximum
  • The immensely high cooling efficiency of 250W TDP ensures a low temperature even at highest operating levels
  • New arrangement of Heatpipes has a strengthening effect on the cooling capability

Nearly inaudible operation

  • Two SilentWings® PWM fans (outer: 120mm, inner: 135mm) offer a groundbreaking fluid-dynamic bearing with a copper core and a dynamically balanced drive wheel for optimal cooling with absolute operating silence
  • Internal 135mm SilentWings® PWM fan, equipped with nine air-flow optimized fan blades and an innovative 6-pole motor for vibrationless and steady operation
  • Decoupled fan mounting with vibration-isolating elements on the cooler body
  • Maximum 26.1dB(A) even at 100% PWM operation


Technical Specifications:

  • Number of cooling fins: 90
  • Material of cooling fins: aluminium
  • Material of the cooler base: copper
  • CPU contact surface: CNC machined
  • Number of Heatpipes, diameter (mm): 7.6
  • Surface coating: aluminium/dark nickel-plated

Fan Specifications:

  • Fan dimensions: 123 x 133 x 163mm
  • Rotational speed @ 100% PWM (U/min): 1400/1700
  • Displacement volume @ 100% (cfm, m3/h): 67.8, 113.8 ; 57.2, 93.3
  • Air pressure @ 12V (mm H20): 2.1/1.23
  • Bearing technology: Fluid Dynamic Bearing
  • Rated voltage (V): 12
  • Rated current (A): 0.11/0.20
  • Power consumption (W): 1.56/2.40
  • Connecting plug: 4-pin PWM
  • Cable length (mm): 200mm (135mm); 250mm (120mm)
  • Lifespan L10 @ 25 °C (Hours): 300.000

Scope of Delivery:

  • 1x be quiet! CPU Cooler, be quiet! Dark Rock PRO 2, BQ DR2-76-135 Intel/AMD
  • 1x Thermal paste, Corning TC-5121 / 1
  • 1x Backplate installation set
  • 1x Multilingual operating manual - DE, EN, FR, ES, PL
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