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LD Cooling Bench Table LD PC-V4-B - Black

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  • LD PC-V4-B
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Technische Details
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Gehäuse-Typ: Benchtable
Hersteller: LD Cooling
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LD Cooling bench tables are great for all over-clockers looking to squeeze the last bit of performance from their system. Top-mounting of the Mainboard makes installation of, and working on, the Mainboard much easier. Annoying internal installations and the hassle of having to remove components of the case for some quick fixes are now a thing of the past! 1.5mm and 2mm thick Aluminum makes the bench table extremely sturdy and rigid. Cable management can be implemented quickly with the help of the additional slots connecting top and bottom level of the table.
Additional fans can be installed at the side of the bench table for extra cooling during over-clocking. Radiator mounting brackets are also available for quick mounting!

Advantages of Benchtables:
1. Everything that can be installed in a standard enclosure can be installed
2. A Benchtable takes up only very little space
3. All components can be accessed directly without having to remove many components
4. Great looks make it perfect for everyday use
5. A complete water cooling system can be installed
6. Additional fans can be installed for improved cooling performance
7. Fans can be installed directly where they are needed
8. All required buttons are included (Reset & Power)

This bench table, the LD Cooling Bench Table LD PC-V4-B - Black, is prepared for installation of:
Water cooling:
2x 360mm Radiator
1x Fan mounting bracket 120 x 120 mm (adjustable)
1x Dual Fan mounting bracket 120 x 120 mm (adjustable)

Technical specifications:
Material: Aluminum
Color: Black
Dimensions (L x W x H) without feet: 470 x 470 x 200mm
Compatible with HPTX/EVGA SR2/SR-X/ATX/EATX/ATX-XL Mainboards
"Made in EU" (Slovenia)
Thread size: M3
PCI slots: 10
USB: 2x 3.0

Drive bays:
3,5”: 4
5,25”: 3
HDD vibration absorbers: 5
Internal SSD: 2
PSU opening: 1

Weight: 3,30kg

Extent of delivery:
LD Cooling Bench Table LD PC-V4-B - Black
2x black, blue ring lighting buttons (Reset- & power button)
4x Aluminum case feet
Mounting material

Slot covers are not included. LD Cooling slot covers are available as Items No. 75114 to 75117.

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