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Koszty przesyłki

Shipping charge for encustomers inside Poland
The shipping is is calculated only for customers inside Poland. During the ordering process the shipping costs will be calculatet . Once the package ships, you will receive the tracking number automatically by email if you selected a direkt shipping method from Germany.
If you seleced the delivery method GLS - wysyłka z Polski, your order will deliver to our partner inside Poland and he will forward your order with GLS -  Polski.
Numer konta bankowego do wpłat:
21 1140 2004 0000 3102 7413 7553
Michał Greń
Smolec, Wrzosowa 8
55-080 Kąty Wrocławskie
W tytule przelewu prosimy podawać numer zamówienia.

GLS - wysyłka z Polski UPS Standard GLS - Germany
 0-40kg  16,47 0-40 kg from 76,15  0 - 10kg  59,40
         10 -15kg  60,75
         15 - 25kg  74,25
         25 - 30kg  81,00
        30 - 40kg  94,50