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Phobya UC-1 / UC-2 CPU-Cooler mount AMD 939/AM2/AM3
Phobya UC-1 / UC-2 CPU-Cooler mount AMD 939/AM2/AM3
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Technical details
Hersteller: Phobya
Klasa wydajności chłodzenie procesora: doskonały
napełniony: nie
wymiary radiatora: 3x120mm
wymiary węża: 13/10mm
zapinka: Intel 1150/1151/1155/1156, Intel 1366, Intel 2011, Intel 775
Phobya Pure Performance Kit: The name sais what you will get! A maximum of cooling power...more
Product Information

Phobya Pure Performance Kit: The name sais what you will get! A maximum of cooling power combined with a cool design for an attractive price is offered in this complete kit, in which everything you need to install a CPU water cooling system is included. The Phobya Pure Performance Kit unites the favorite Phobya products in a complete kit where all components are chosen best.

Award winner CPU water block:
The CPU water cooling charts from Hardwaremax (11.10.2012) show a clear result. The Phobya UC1-Extreme (what is the brass version) did jump up to the 1th place, directly followed on 2nd place by the UC-1 LT (the plastic version). The Phobya UC-1 shows a great performance due to the patented back channel technology, which means that above the copper channels there are micro channels which create additional turbulences and therefore dramatically increase the cooling power. In this kit the newest, fluid technically optimized version Phobya UC-2 LT is included.

Experienced giant in even better V2: The G-Changer:
Phobya developed G-Changer radiator from V1 to V1.1 and V1.2 and now to V2 which contains now not only copper fins, but also copper channels. Only the threads for the fittings are made of brass. As a result the cooling power of the radiator is extraordinary increased. This radiator is also very interesting for users that want copper only cooling loops. The 60mm thickness (45mm for the 200mm version) allows high cooling power even with only one fan.

Years of experience with pump technology:
The DC12 pump series convinces the user with a compact measurements and an already included G1/4 inlet and outlet thread. Therefore the fittings can be screwed directly into the pump. The pump can either be screwed on the case bottom (you will have to drill holes into the case then) or be fixed with the self gluing pad and then connected to the power supply with the 3pin cable. The pump differs in the kits depending on the needed pump power (DC12-220 = 2,2m, DC12-260 = 2,6m, DC12-400 = 4m pump power). Even the smallest version is already powerful enough to extend the kit later with 1 or 2 other components like Mainboard coolers or GPU coolers. The DC12-400 is so powerful that you can use even multiple GPU water blocks and cool very big systems. Therefore the Pure Performance Kit is ready to be extended by other water blocks you may need in the future and you must not purchase again another more powerful pump.

Visual highlights:
The reservoir can be mounted at some free space inside the computer or even outside the computer case. The reservoir makes it easy to fill, to get the air out of the loop, to refill and to monitor the water level even from outside the computer. Inside the reservoir there is an Anti-Cyclone technology used which speeds up the filling process, what is very useful for first time water cooling users.

Turbo-boost with the G-Silent fans:
In the kit there are very good performing fans included which fit best to the radiators. The Phobya G-Silent fans provide a very low noise and efficient cooling down of the water in the radiator. If a kit comes with multiple fans then there is already an y-cable included. The red LEDs of the fans point out another very welcomed modding highlight.

Accessories, tubing and fittings:
The kit is completed by the flexible Masterkleer tubing, which can be cutted to the needed length with the also included tube-cutter. The trendy black-nickel fitting look very good in combination with the black tubing and the transparent water. In the CPU water block there is already thermal paste included, so that in this kit there is really everything you need to install a CPU water cooling kit. Furthermore with the ATX-powerplug you can manually start the power supply to run the water cooling system without running the computer. Further details and hints are given in the printed manual that comes with the kit.


Extend of delivery:
1x Phobya CPU-Cooler UC-2 LT Intel 775,1155,1156,1366,2011 - Black Edition
1x Phobya G-Changer 360 V.2
1x Phobya DC12-260 12Volt Pump
1x Phobya Balancer 250 black nickel
3x Phobya G-Silent 12 1500rpm Red LED ( 120x120x25mm )
1x Fan cable splitter
7x 13/10mm (10x1,5mm) compression fitting G1/4 – black nickel
1x 13/10mm (10x1,5mm) compression fitting 90° revolvable G1/4 – black nickel
1x 2,8m Masterkleer Tubing PVC 13/10mm (3/8"ID) - black
1x Phobya ZuperZero Clear 1000ml
1x Tube cutter
1x ATX Bridging-plug
1x printed manual und Phobya stickers

Questions & Answers more
Questions & Answers
Frage von Tobias K. vom 01. January 2016
Kann man die Komponenten auch in anderer Farbe bekommen. Ich hätte gerne die gleichen Komponenten in anderer Farbe: Lüfeter mit roten LED --> Lüfter mit blauen LED, Wasserschlauch schwarz --> Wasserschlauch transparent, Kühlflüssigkeit farblos --> Kühlflüssigkeit blau. Alle Einzelkomponenten sind preislich identisch.
Antwort von Administrator vom 01. January 2016
Nein, leider sind diese Sets nicht veränderbar. Da müssen dann die gewünschten Artikel separat gekauft werden oder man stellt sich das Set einzeln zusammen.
Frage von Roger D. vom 02. February 2016
I suppose this kit fits the new 1151?
Antwort von Administrator vom 02. February 2016
no it is not for 1151
Antwort von Roger D. vom 02. February 2016 So this information is incorrect? As long as the holes in the motherboard are the same then it should fit? Guess I'll have to call you tomorrow to clarify things before you send my order
Antwort von Roger D. vom 02. February 2016
Sorry, I missed to add this link as well. A site in Switzerland that sell the same kit and on their site it says that it fits.
Antwort von Michel E. vom 05. May 2016
So if this set doesn't fit the 1151. Why did I get this set for that socket size if I use the filters options ???.??. Or what else complete set can you say that will fit a 1151 socket?
Frage von marc h. vom 02. February 2016
passt das Set auch auf ein Sockel 2011-3 Mainboard?
Antwort von eridjon g. vom 02. February 2016
and wich is the best case for this cooling set ? i will try a nzxt 440 is it ok ?
Frage von eridjon g. vom 02. February 2016
is this compatible too with lga 2011 v3 ?
Antwort von Administrator vom 02. February 2016
Hello, no this cooler is not compatible with lga 2011 v3.
Antwort von Tristan F. vom 02. February 2017
why wouldn't this fit 2011-v3? they have the same mounting types, just like 1155,1150, or 1151?!?!?! so can you or can you not use this for 2011v3?
Frage von Simon F. vom 02. February 2016
Kann ich diese kit auch in Kombination mit Hard tubing verbauen oder brauche ich dafür andere Verbindungsstücke?
Antwort von Administrator vom 02. February 2016
Da benötigen Sie dann ander Verbindungsstücke, diese hier zB:
Frage von chris h. vom 06. June 2016
raar ik heb de schop in Nederland gecontacteerd en die verzekerde me dat het ook paste op de1151 en ik heb deze imiddels ook gekocht en nu het tweede kan ik dit gewoon doorverbinden met men gpu blok of heb ik dan meer nodig
Antwort von Administrator vom 06. June 2016
The waterblock for cpu is definitive compatible for socket 1151. What is wrong in your case?
Frage von Miłosz S. vom 06. June 2016
Hi. What about cooling efficient when i use it to cpu and gpu cooling at the same time. CPU i7 3770k + GPU R9 390.
Antwort von Administrator vom 06. June 2016
I cant give you datas but i will be ok. No overclocking.

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Der radiator passt grade so in mein Gehäuse das corsair carbide 540 air kann jedoch nur durch modding richtig befestigt werden ansonsten brachiale leistung


much better than i expected


Sehr gutes Kit fürs Anfang. Der CPU kühler ist ausgezeichnet. Die Lüfter sind bei maximal betrieb ein bischen laut. Ein Lüfter rattel ein bischen...


Ein sehr gutes einsteiger Kit in die Wasserkühlung Segment. Qualität ist Gut und die Pumpe ist läuft leise. Kann ich nur Weiterempfehlen.

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