Tygon C-210A tubing 8/6,4mm (1/4"ID) clear

Tygon C-210A tubing 8/6,4mm (1/4"ID) clear
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Technical details
Hersteller: Tygon
długość: 1,00m
kolor: przeźroczyste
kolor UV: nie reaguje na UV
materiał: PVC
max ciśnienie pracy: 4 Bar (przy 20°C)
temperatura pracy: -20°C bis 60°C
wymiar wewnętrzny: 6mm
zewnętrzne wymiary: 8mm (5/16")
Tygon tubing is considered the royal class of tubing in the water cooling sector! Tygon...more
Product Information

Tygon tubing is considered the royal class of tubing in the water cooling sector!

Tygon tubing was developed for use in laboratories and hospitals. With these applications in mind this tubing is designed for a long lifespan and maximum durability. It even expands its own lifespan: A special coating at the inside of the tubing kills off microbes, hence ensuring clean flow through it. Additionally this tubing is also completely UV-resistant.
But this tubing is not only extremely durable, it is also great to handle: The highly flexible material gives the tubing exceptional bending and handling properties. We hence recommend using compression fittings!

Individually packaged units?
A whole new approach has been taken with this packaging! The classical 1m unit has been improved, the tubing is available e.g. in 3m length for tubing of the whole watercooling loop and up to 15m in length in one piece with individual packaging for large projects or resellers. The advantages are obvious: The product is more affordable for the customer and the tubing is always shipped in one piece and is easy to store neatly until the next project awaits!

Technical specifications:
Material: PVC
Tubing colour: Clear, non-UV-reactive
Outer diameter: 9mm
Inner diameter:  6.4mm

Extent of delivery:
1m Tygon R3603 tubing 8/6,4mm (1/4"ID) Clear

Please note:
We try to ship the ordered amount in one piece. If this is not possible you will receive your order in a maximum of two pieces and we will pack an additional (approx.) 10cm as compensation. Resellers please order in packed units. One packed unit is 100feet (30m) = 1 carton.


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Der Schlauch wird benötigt um eine MPS500 von Aquacomputer anzubringen. Dafür ist er weniger geeignet da weich. Bestens geeignet wenn das System bereits mit 8/6 ausgelegt ist und Schwarzlicht eingesetzt werden soll.


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