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SilverStone 140mm fan Air Penetrator SST-AP141-UV (140x140x25mm)

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Technische Details
kolor ramki: czarny
napięcie startowe: 5V DC
przepływ powietrza: 109,3 m³/h
Hersteller: Silverstone
pobór mocy: 2,4 W
prędkość znamionowa: 1500 U/min
Lautstärkebereich: 30 - 49,9 dB(A)
żywotność (przy 25 st C): 50.000 h
Nenndrehzahlbereich: 1500 - 1950 U/min
moc znamionowa: 12V DC
LED: nieistniejące
kolor wirnika: niebieski
Luftförderbereich: 100 - 149 m³/h
wymiary: 140 x 140 x 25mm
rozmiar: 140mm
złącze zasilania: Tak
złącze zasilania: 3Pin Molex
głośność: 30,1 dB(A)
Traditional PC fans are designed to channel air out of the case, hence for many years the sheer... mehr

Traditional PC fans are designed to channel air out of the case, hence for many years the sheer Airflow was the main factor in fan performance. But as in PC cooling the overpressure operation becomes more and more important Silverstone has created the Air Penetrator which was special designed for sucking in air. Development of the Air Penetrator was based around focussing of the Airflow in a whirling stream which more effectively penetrates the obstacles inside of a PC case such as cables or expansion cards. This innovative new airflow design allows more efficient cooling inside of the case. The focussed airflow creates enough pressure to carry the air at extremely low noise levels as far as one metre! This unmatched efficiency makes the Air Penetrator not only the ideal blowing fan, it also is perfect for coolers with low density and for cooling of other loosely arranged components.

Special features:
Industry-leading fan for focussed airflow
Wide fan blades for reduction of flow resistance
Integrated airflow channelling grill also serves as a fan grill
Low power consumption

Technical specifications:
139mm (L) x 139mm (W) x 25mm (H)
Colour: Black frame and transparent UV blue fan blades
Noise emissions:  
18 dB(A)(5V) / 20.9 dB(A)(7V) / 30.1 dB(A)(12V)
Nominal voltage: 12V DC
Starting voltage:    
5V DC (in low rpm mode)
Power consumption:  1,08W
Airflow:  36 CFM / 61 m³/h
Nominal speed: 1500U/min @12V / 1000 U/min@7V / 700U/min@5V
Bearing: Sleeve
Power consumption:
Max 2.64W (Actual)2,4W

Extent of delivery:
1x Silverstone 120mm fan Air Penetrator SST-AP141-UV


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